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Bruclass SMS Short Text


Here are some essential acronyms
AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact
ADN Any Day Now
AFAIK As Far As I Know
AKA Also Known As
ASAP As Soon As Possible
ATM At The Moment
BBL Be Back Later
BFN Bye For Now
BION Believe It Or Not
BRB Be Right Back
BTA But Then Again
BTDT Been There, Done That
BTW By The Way
CMB Call Me Back
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
FICCL Frankly, I Couldn't Care Less
GG Good Game
HAND Have A Nice Day
IAC In Any Case
IDK I Don't Know
IMO In My Opinion
IOOH Im Out Of Here
IOW In Other Words
IYDKIDKWD If You Don't Know, I don't Know Who Does
IYKWIM If You Know What I Mean
IYSS If You Say So
LMK Let Me Know
LOL Laughing Out Loud
MFI Mad For It
MYOB Mind Your Own Business
NAGI Not A Good Idea
OTOH On The Other Hand
PAW Parents Are Watching
PCM Please Call Me
SAL Such A Laugh
TMB Text Me Back
TTFN Ta Ta For Now
TTYL Talk To You Later
TYUM Thank You Very Much
WFM Works For Me
YKWYCD You Know What You Can Do
YYSSW Yeah,Yeah,Sure,Sure,Whatever

Texter's Essentials

Here are some essential short cuts and abbrevations for texters.
B Bee
BCNU Be Seing You
BWD Backward
B4 Before
C See
ChlYa Chill Ya!
CU See You
CUL8r See You Later
Fwd Forward
F2F Face To Face
F2T Free To Talk
Gr8 Great
Gonna Going To
IH8U I Hate You
IU2U It' Up To You
K A Thousand
LkIT Like It
Luv Love
L8 Late
Mob Mobile
Msg Message
M8 Mate
NE Any
NE1 Anyone
NO1 No One
Nt2Nite Not Tonight
N1! Nice One!
OIC Oh, I See
On4It On For It
Pls Please
R Are
RUOK? Are You Okey?
RUThr? Are You There?
RUTlkn2Me? Are You Talking To Me?
RUUp4It? Are You Up For It?
Sec Second
ST2Moro Same Time Tomorrow
Sum1 Someone
TA4N Thats All For Now
ThnQ Thank You
Thnx Thanks
U You
Up4It Up For It
UR You Are
Wan2 Want To
Wan2Tlk? Want To Talk?
W/ With
Wknd Weekend
W8 Wait
W84Me Wait For Me
X Cross
XLnt Excellent
Ya You, or Your
1daful Wonderful
2 To, or Too
2day Today
2moro Tomorrow
2nite Tonight
24/7 Twenty-Four Hour A Day, Seven Days A Week

Here are some emoticons that you can use.
:-) Im Smiling or Happy
;-) I'm Winking or Joking
:-D I'm Laughing
:'-( I'm Crying
:-''( Now I'm Really Upset
:'-D I'm Crying with Laughter
:-( Im Sad, or Disappointed
:-C Now I'm Really Sad
:-| I Couldn't Care Less
:-* I'm Clowning Around
|-o I'm Bored Now
:-o Oops!
:=( I've Got Two Nose
:_( Someone Just Punch Me on The Nose
.-( I've Lost A Contact Lens
:-W I'm Lying, Speaking with a Forked Tongue
>;-) I Just Had An Evil Though
:-P Bleahhh! (tongue sticking out)
:-))) Ha Ha Ha
;-) Nice One
C=:-) Laughing my Head Off
+-:-O Dying Laughing
:-@ Shrieking with Laughter
_/< Falling Off My Chair
:/) Cracking Up
',-O..... Wetting Myself
#:+) I'm in Stitches
,^,)" A Thousand
,^)__S:-) Tickled Pink
:-OO You're Such A Hoot
:-'''! Smokin'
:^,)" A Fit Of The Giggle
;-, Snigger
;^g Grinning
;^)@" Rolling On The Floor
::--)) Doubled Up With Laughter
(-.-) A Side Splitter (full on)
(*_*) Beaming (full on)
O_*__*_O Grinning From Ear To Ear (full On)
O @@ O Heard It Before (full on)
<:-| Dumb Joke
;^|+) No Laughing Matter
;^|/) Having A Humour Bypass
~(_8^(|) Homer Simpson
@@8-) Marge Simpson
3:-) Bart Simpson
{8-) Lisa Simpson
[8-* Maggie Simpson
.o+|(=: A Ballerina
:-[ Vampire
0:-) An Angel
.._(:)-) A Scuba Diver
-(D) An Astronaut
{:<> Daffy Duck
7:n) Fred Flintstone
~8-) Harry Potter
(*-*) Pokemon
(o^-^o) Pikachu (full on)
(((-_-))) Cartman
[:=|} Frankenstein
(>:[X Count Dracula
]B-) Batman
>>>:-1 A Klingon
(-_-) This Is Me
(>_<) I'm Angry
(=_=) I'm Sleepy
(*_*) I'm Falling In Love
(@_@) Boggle-Eyed
(((o-o))) I've Got My Hood Up
'\=o-o=/' I'm Wearing Glasses
(^0^) I'm Singing Joyously
(^.^)/ Waving Hello
(;.;)/~ Waving Goodbye
@(*0*)@ Kuala Bear
(0v0) An Owl
/:=( Adolf Hitler
c|:-=X Charlie Chaplin
c8<] Darth Vader
5:-) Elvis
:-.) Marilyn Monroe
?:^[] Jim Carrey
:@) A Pig
}:-o A Cow
<:3 )~~~ A Mouse
>-^);> A Fish
{:V A Duck
>-8~~~~~~ A Snake
_,,,^..^,,,_ A Cat Looking Over A Wall
#:-( I Just Woke Up Like This
(:-o I've been Scalped!
d:-) I'm Wearing a Baseball Cap
@:-) I'm Wearing A Turban
8-) I'm Wearing Goggles
]-) I'm Wearing Sunglasses
(B:-) I'm Wearing Cheap Sunglasses On My Head
;-)K~ I'm Wearing A Tie
[:-) I'm Wearing A Walkman
:-)# I'm Wearing False Beard
=:-( Mohican Haircut
,:-( I've Just Had A Really Serious Haircut
__m_oLo_m__ A Person Spying Over A Wall
__\/_oo_\/__ A Crab Spying Over A Wall
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